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Visiting with an MHLS agent about your credit, job history and down payment availability helps determine which lender may pre-approve a loan. We then direct you to a trusted local lender to apply on-line or meet in person. You can begin your pre-approval process on the LOAN APPLICATIONS page.

With pre-approval, we focus on listings in your approved price-range and find a home that best fits your wish list. 

The HOMES FOR SALE page is designed to easily browse listings in various price ranges

in quality communities.

Our agents are in-tune with the ever-changing market and price our listings to reflect true market value. A manufactured home is a great "stepping stone" from renting or a perfect downsize from a larger home depending on your stage in life. A manufactured home ownership can afford the ability to build equity and a stronger financial future.

The condition of the home is disclosed by the Seller and most Buyers choose to do a home inspection to get further education about the property. MHLS documents are simplified, concise and easy to understand. Agents are sensitive to questions and concerns, assisting Buyers in making a confident decision to purchase.

Home closings are coordinated with our agents and your loan officer to assure proper documentation and filings... and a smooth transaction!


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